New product completely designed and manufactured for the Aftermarket the new Ignition cable for MAN applications our code BM911 with protective cover Brecav 59.414 5Kohm. The protective spark plug cap made for MAN applications powered by CNG, LNG and CNG gas. “Raffaele Braia Export Sales Manager and project leader of the all-new BM911, says the truck world is constantly evolving towards green fuels. Brecav Srl’s 30 years of experience with gas and biogas powered engines is increasingly made available to the Truck, Bus and Generation sector.” The set consists of 6 spark plug wires completely tested and inspected, product is made with the best available silicone paste that exceed 60 shore and some system changes that increase the performance of the product, the spark plug wire Class E with tinned copper for a total length of 1800mm, complete the set the silicone resistive cap of 1Kohm.

BM911 coil side 2 cylinders 90° and 4 cylinders straight (1Kohm) – Resistive 5Kohm cap BM923 is the Brecav version for MAN CNG 51.25409.4001 S1 Length of each single wire 540 mm – total number of wires 6   MAN E-engines E 2842; MAN E-engines E 2866; MAN E-engines E 2876; MAN G-engines G 2866; MAN G-engines G 2876; MAN G-ENGINES F 90 MAN H-engines H 2876; MAN L/M/F/E 2000 E 2000; MAN L/M/F/E 2000 F 2000; MAN Lion’s Lion’s City; MAN Lion’s Lion’s Classic; MAN Lion’s Lion’s Coach; MAN Lion’s Lion’s Regio; MAN Lion’s Lion’s Star; MAN N-buses NG; MAN N-buses NL; MAN N-buses NÜ; MAN S-buses SD; MAN S-buses SL; MAN TG-series TGA; MAN TG-series TGS; MAN TG-series TGX; Neoplan Neoplan Cent

Cross Reference Competitor: DT 3.93425 – DT 4057795417434 – MAN 51.25409.4001 S1 MAN 51254094001S1