Where ideas are transformed into reality
Brecav operates in the field of the production of electrical spare parts for cars and motorcycles. The quality of the products is guaranteed by scrupulous control tests, the use of high quality materials and an efficient production line that exploits automatic and semi-automatic machinery.
Ignition cables
The historic Brecav brand product, synonymous with innovation, passion and creativity.
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The complete personalization of the product is assured by an incomparable know how, which makes Brecav a constant reference point in the electrical, mechanical and injection aftermarket sector.
Ignition Coils
Not only aesthetic, quality is the real guarantee of the Brecav coils.
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Ignition Systems
Nautical, racing, aeronautical, our ignition systems feed all the main sectors.
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Boots and suppressors.
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Electrical components and small parts
From the cable ties to the starting cables, all "made in Italy by italians"
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