New product completely designed and manufactured for the Aftermarket the brand new Brecav 323 extension lug cover. The lug cover is made for the new Iveco and other CNG, LNG and CNG-fuelled applications.

“Listening to the market, we set out to create an AM product that could create better performance for the CNG combustion engine by adapting the silicone mixtures and technical designs to make the most of the electricity introduced into the combustion chamber, says Raffaele Braia Export Sales Manager and project leader of the Brecav 323 article code 49.551”

The product is made with the best available silicone pastes that exceed 60 shore and some system modifications that increase product performance. The product has no omnic impedances and differs in some modifications to make it perform better, longer-lasting and greener.

Equivalent BER 461/2010 – OE Iveco 5801591323 – OE IIA P1014C002

for application Complete ignition coil IVECO 5801539018

IVECO STRALIS AD260S27P CNG – F2BFA601G 7.7900cc – 200KW – 6 Cyl

IVECO STRALIS AD260S30P CNG – F2BFA601K 7.7900cc – 221KW – 6 Cyl

IVECO STRALIS AD260S33FP CNG – F2BFA601D 7.7900cc – 243KW – 6 Cyl

IVECO STRALIS AD440S33TP CNG – F2BFA601D 7.7900cc – 243KW – 6 Cyl