We are involved in the market changes that we all know well, new motorizations, alternative fuels (methane, liquid gas, hydrogen, LNG, CNG, Syngas, Biogas), pushes that see at the center our R&D division, led by my brother Raffaele who has received 8 certifications and 5 invention patents from Mise. We want to give targeted, innovative answers and also to conquer markets that are new to us, from aerospace, to agriculture, to regasifiers, in general put the focus on everything related to an internal combustion engine regardless of the propellant.

Thus, new ranges of ignition coils and spark plug cables dedicated to buses, trucks, the co-generators of gensets, and particularly for hydrogen power systems are at the heart of our R&D investment programs.

We have created, asserts Raffaele Braia, a real group for Analog and Digital Technological Innovation that allows us to synthesize the acquired info on technical/instrumental and software features especially for ignition coils and extension cables.

This Division, continues Paolo Braia, has already led to the creation of instrumentation for diagnosis, verification and validation and certification for all Brecav branded coils and extension coils, thanks to these new tools for use we have brought the performance of Ignition Coils to the same level of performance of the original equipment products.